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Tom Anderson Cobra S, Bora Bora

3 P-90's Swimmin' in the Pool...

That's right-- Bora Bora. You might think Trans Seafoam, but nope. Something about 3 P90s in a Strat-type that shifts it from car to SUV. Sport SUV mind you, especially when everything else integrates well.

This 2001 Anderson Cobra S is listed as "mint" condition. In spite of the mahogany body and neck, plus quilt maple top & rosewood, Miss Bora Bora here maintains a fit & trim 7 lb. 11 oz! Could be chambered, but the included full specs rundown sheet doesn't indicate. Big frets on a "C" neck with 12" radius. Classic Wilk/Gotoh trem. Scrape maple body binding. And that white sticker goo looking bit behind the headstock is actually a Feiten logo decal when you zoom in close. So it's Buzzed too! Good to check. 

Tradarama lists this one at eBay with OHSC. Jim is 100% positive with lots of feedback.

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