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Strat Masters Phil Brown & Greg Koch

New Releases From Grooveyard Records

 Click Here for samples and reviews!
 Phil Brown - Live In Seattle

  Click Here for samples and reviews!
Greg Koch - Strat's Got Your Tongue

Just in time for your summer listening enjoyment, Grooveyard Records shares fresh release news on two serious Strat players! Both Phil Brown and Greg Koch are known for great chops and Strat tones. 

Brown is a soulful mix of Hendrix & Beck that you must hear, cuz it's not what you might expect. 

Koch is just plain crazy good; a true tone master! Sort of the Penn Jillette of guitar, to those acquainted with his instructional vids. Not to be confused with the other Greg Koch, CEO of Stone Brewing-- another cool Greg Koch nonetheless!

But don't just take my word... Check the tune samples & details for yourself at the above links! 

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