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Lukather G-3 Killin' It!!!

Spring 2012 AUS/NZ G-3 Tour

Here's Steve Lukather on March 30th in Sydney, gettin' Jimi with it! This was his first G-3 with Satch & Vai; a tour Down Under which wrapped up on April 6.

The new Luke is playing non-active DiMarzio pickups in his fatter L3 Music Man siggy model. Also missing are the Rivera Knucklehead amps, with instead, 2 Bogner Ecstasy stacks. I'm lovin' the tone in this Dolly Dagger groove piece, "Flash in the Pan"; a dedication to Kim Kardashian's A$$.

Luke is working on a new solo album. G-3 resumes with a European tour on July 21 with Steve Morse on board.

Check the Luke's Down Under wrap-up interview video at Guitar Noize blog!   

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