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Jesus Just Left San Francisco

On Craigslist - Crucifix Dobro For Sale...

That's right, you heard right! I'm at a loss for words here. So read the actual listing copy as follows: 

"Handmade one-of-a-kind squareneck resonator crucifix guitar, hand-crafted and played by Funky Jesus, winner of the 2012 Hunky Jesus competition in Dolores Park. Own a piece of San Francisco history with this rare collectible and fully functional musical instrument. 

Standing at an imposing 6'6" tall and about 4 feet wide, this guitar features a string-thru mahogany tailpiece, inlaid rosewood neck with 22 frets, gold tuners, and a 5.5'' spun steel resonator cone with redwood biscuit bridge. There's even a piezo pickup mounted at the apex of the cone, with a 1/4" female output on the back, so you can plug it into your amp.  

(BEST PART...;))))
The perfect addition to your next evangelical gathering, church choir practice, death metal show, or any religious/sacrilegious event...

...Make offer. Trades for motorcycles & tube amps will be considered."  

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