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Guitar Art by John Froehlich


Dave Grohl, Johnny Winter & Jimi Hendrix

Dave Grohl Painting

Guitarist Johnny Winter Painting

Jimi Hendrix Painting

Musician/Painter John Froehlich has created TONS more works since we last featured his stuff a few years ago!

Froehlich has over 900 different 18" x 24" signed Giclee prints of original paintings. "Giclee" is a process which duplicates a painting, including the texture with no dots. Although this artist specializes in guitarists of all genres and eras, he also features other musicians as well as celebrity icons. Recent contempo pieces include TV host Bill Maher smoking a joint, and even Anthony Bourdain.

Artists like Hendrix, David Gilmour, SRV, John Lee Hooker and even James Hetfield are represented in multiple works. There's also a different Dave Grohl painting than the one shown above. Click the images for HUGE views! 

FRO-ART JAZZ BLUES ROCK PAINTINGS lists over 1300 prints with category menus so you can quickly find the guitar players. He also has a thing for fat bottom girls!;))

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