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Graffiti Yellow - Friday Strat #255

Custom Shop '59 Relic

Yellow Stratocaster
 This lemon has been squeezed! And zested!!!

Till the juice runs out the case...

Ever seen a Fender Custom Shop YELLOW Relic Strat? Maybe yellow is making a comeback. Or possibly since the world is supposed to end this year, they decided to just go for it. Actually, we featured this very guitar back in January-- but not as a Friday Strat. So since it's Spring, and the daffodils are in bloom...

This one has Fat 50's pickups, 6105 frets and a custom neck with a slight "V". Oddly enough, the neck is also a compound radius, though no specs are given. Maybe 7.25 to 10 or 9.5 to 12-- but I have no clue. Call 'em!

As you can see in lower pic, all the candy, COA and OHSC are included.

Seller: Music Gallery Inc of Highland Park, IL. They got stuff! Also check their Cruz Masterbuilt Jag with Bigsby!

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So, what's wrong with a yellow Strat anyway?!?!?!

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