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Fender Knopfler Strats are Red

Hot Rod Red

Mark Knopfler Stratocaster listings are plentiful at the moment. And they're all red. That's because Hot Rod Red is the only color they come in. And rosewood only. That's how the sultan's swing.

The Knopfler Artist Series is at the higher end of the production signature Strats. They feature nitro finish on a '57 style ash body with Texas Special pickups. Neck is a tinted '62 "C" (chunkier than a modern slim "C") with 21 med-jumbo frets and a 7.25" radius.  Although the above pictured case appears to be brown, current/new models come with a black case. Trem and tuners are vintage style as well.

So if you like red Strats with old school dimensions, check out the Mark Knopfler model. Maybe get a blister on your little finger-- maybe get a blister on your thumb...

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