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Buddy Holly Tribute Strat

Masterbuilt Relic - #45 of 50 Produced

Masterbuilt by Dennis Galuszka

I'm assuming this one is #45 of the run because the last two numerals of the S/N are 45. The Buddy Holly Tribute Stratocaster is a Fender Custom Shop Masterbuilt Relic based on one of Holly's 1955 Strats. Although the Fender CS profile (Click Here) states that both of Buddy's 55's were stolen, they go on to say these tributes were "painstakingly reproduced from photographs..." Just think that those original 2 guitars are somewhere in the possession of people who may or may not even know, depending upon how they've changed hands over the decades... Geez! 

Willcutt Guitars of Lexington, KY is currently listing #45. The Buddy Holly Tribute Strats come with several bonus case candy options including a cert signed by Holly's widow Maria Elena Holly as well as a DVD interview with her, plus a 2 disc set of Buddy Holly's gold record hits. 

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