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Young Guitar Wonder, "SHOCK" from France

15 Year Old's Classic Riff DNA

This French kid calls himself "Shock", in the grand tradition of Slash, Sting and The Edge I guess. Anyway, he sent us this video to check out. Beginning his self promo campaign in earnest. Ain't a good dog, what don't wag his own tail folks! So put that one in your pocket kids.

It's actually fun dissecting young Shock's influences as classic facets pop up from lick to lick.

00:32 - 00:35 has a Hendrixy vibe you might hear from Trower or Neal Schon

00:37 - 00:40 jumps into a Richie Blackmore/Brian May kind of run

Skipping ahead to 01:40, he finally loosens up with a Wah section showcasing a delightful Steve Vai glimpse at 01:44 - 01:46.

Some rhythm issues here and there, but remember he's only 15 and also plays with French accent. Overall, it's awesome to see someone at that age so inspired by such iconic influences!

"Le Beeg Mac!"

Shock Links (watch him evolve!): 



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