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Voodoo Lab Giggity Demo Video

Eric Johnson Tone!

Not a Stratoblogster demo vid. I may never do another video... 
First of all, major kudos to Jon at Guitar Noize blog for re-posting this clip. I'm re-re-posting it to make sure as many people as possible can check it out. But do visit Jon's blog, and add to your favorites, ok!

This is the best factory demo vid I've ever seen by a pedal outfit! The player here is James Santiago, Voodoo Lab's marketing guy. Unlike so many pedal outfit geeks who just wanna be left alone at the bench whiffin'  rosin all day and work on their nasty dispositions when they're not making crappy demo vids, Santiago is a serious badass guitar playin' mofo! Word!  Superlative grasp of EJ as you can observe, yourself. And yet, they've disabled comments to this video at Youtube because douchebaggery is epidemic no matter what ya do.   

Notice all the non-Voodoo Lab pedals in this demo. Way to keep it real James!

"Giggity" is a pedal you place at the beginning of your signal chain for enhancing how the other pedals get the guitar's tone. Similar I guess to BBE's Sonic Maximizer/Stomp products. 

Musician's Friend currently sells the Giggity at $149.

Also check any deals here:  Voodoo Lab Products @eBay 

Now, back to keepin' it real as well as fair & balanced. There's an awful lot you need to know about Eric Johnson's attack techniques, and his choices of chord voicings. Just yesterday, Guitar World online posted a good article about EJ's Open-Voiced Triads.

Then there are the epic instructional DVD's below:

Eric Johnson: Total Electric Guitar

Eric Johnson - The Art of Guitar

James Santiago probably watches these, when the rest of America is watching Jeopardy & Wheel of Fortune or being Youtube trolls.

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