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Springsteen's SXSW Keynote Speech

The Boss Covers It... And Then Some!

Bruce Springsteen's 51 minute speech here is an absolute MUST for any musician. Regardless of your age or music preferences, this is a perspective for the culture & the generations. It's his perspective, but we know about this guy because one of the things he's good at is bringing lots of people to the table of life. And soooo refreshing to hear an artist talk, with all the politics lately. At first, I thought, "Oh no, 51 minutes-- what's this about? Why doesn't he just stick to performing music?"

And you know I wouldn't take time out of my busy eBay Strat pimpin' blog schedule to share this unless it was really good, right?

Okay, so just know this ain't the Grammys either, cause The Boss is talkin' like a regular guy from Jersey. And even if you thing he sucks, he already knows this-- and agrees with you. So tune in!

Joe Bosso does a nice review at MusicRadar. But please make time to watch the video, ok!

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