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NAMM ODDITIES 2012 - Paoletti Electric Instruments

The Good, The Bad and The Baddest!
 Oil finished 130 year old chestnut bodies!

Barry Wood just released his NAMM Oddities 2012 yesterday! Since 1998, Wood has been compiling Winter NAMM gear hi-lites on the strange and unusual side. And we always wait anxiously-- because it's worth the wait!

One of Barry's finds this year is Italy based Paoletti Electric Instruments, which I'm VERY excited about!

And you'd sure as hell better get over to their site for the full experience. Pictured above is a small selection from Paoletti's "Wine" series guitars with oil finished bodies of 130 year old chestnut! The coolest trim and accents have what I can only call a spaghetti western vibe. If you're looking for a vector beyond retro or relic, this stuff might scratch your itch. Less apocalyptic than the stuff from James Trussart, the Paoletti line includes similar metal top models that exude the classic heat and glow of a summer afternoon with Sophia Loren in '66-- imagine that...   

So when you're finished checking out NAMM Oddities, spend an afternoon at the Paoletti website!

Paoletti Stratospheric Series Brass Top

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