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James Trussart Steelmaster - The Guitar of Eli

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With their post apocalyptic vibe, Trussart guitars would fit right into the movie "Book of Eli". And shop keeper Tom Waits would certainly be a Trussart dealer.

Our featured Steelmaster model is based on the Jazzmaster-- after a thermo-nuclear holocaust that is. But this is badass stuff! The alligator engraved steel top crowns a sugar pine body with Jazzmaster pickups by Arcane, Inc. There's even a gator faceplate on the headstock. All wood parts are gray driftwood finished. And unlike so many boutique J-type platforms out there, Trussart includes a real Mastery trem unit. Also, take a close look at the bridge-- trippy!

Denzel woulda looked good bustin' some heads with this instrument!

Warpdrive Music aka Cream City Music in WI, lists this Steelmaster as New with gator clad G&G case. These guys have great hi-end inventory! Top ranked too!  

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