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Guitar Gear Haulers #1 - '54 Ford Coupe "RAT"

Getting to the Gig

Ford Rat Rod with Olds hub caps and tail lights.

Seller dwpcc of Riverside CA, says: "This car has a 302 engine, c-6 auto trans, all new wheel cylinder, all new interior, lake pipes that are hooked-up, tooth grille, olds tail lites and hub caps, rear fender skirts and much more. this car has less than 200 miles on it since completion. it runs great...  sold as-is and buyer is responsible for shipping, also no rust problems." 

So, if the Prius doesn't quite work for your image, might we suggest something in an early model American coupe.

Owners of vintage, relic, road worn, black top or even closet classic guitars, should be interested in appropriate transport for their tweed and blackface rigs as well. This post debuts our newest Guitar Gear Hauler series. Yes, Stratoblogster is also pimpin' cars now! Sure beats vitamin supplements, waterless cookware and mortage plans. There will be no antioxidant exotic Amazon berry juice blends spoken here.

Remember, it's all about lifestyle. Your lifestyle is important to me. And being a cool guitar player is not about wearing Dockers and polo shirts, and driving hybrid vehicles. 

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