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Fender Custom Shop - Ready Yet?

 Ways to Get Ready:

 Work really hard! Fun!

 Stick 'em up! Sure beats shoveling coal all day. It can be risky though... like coal mining. Yes, that's Samuel L. Jackson in the movie, Coming to America.

Quit smoking. Doctors don't recommend ciggy's anymore-- ever notice that? At over $8/pack in some states, a pack-a-day smoker can save nearly $5K in 2 years by quitting. Besides, isn't the coal dust enough?

Sell a kidney! If both yours are workin' good, only one is really necessary. Although it's easy to donate one, selling your organs is a bit more complicated-- illegal even. But where there's a will, there's a way. And you should net enough for a Masterbuilt Strat as well as a nice vacation from the coal mine. Plus, you will have helped another person survive better. There's some merit to this.

Sign into a multilevel marketing, home based business selling vitamins, cosmetics, water filters, adult novelties, etc. So many people generate rapid wealth following these amazing systems! Family and friends will be glad that you've rescued their quality of life with your amazing products-- especially your buddies in the mine.

This product states, " you can be ready anytime the moment is right*" Not sure about the asterisk at the end though. Looks like somebody mighta' sold a kidney.

Much exhaustive research went into compiling the above info. We're particularly proud to bring it to you in such a tediously focused format, and hope it helps you get ready! It's not necessary to thank us-- just do what ya gotta do, ok!   


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