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Fender 1997 Hendrix Strat Tribute - NOS!!!

Collectible Strat!

Click for close-ups!
Unopened candy pack-- 15 years!!!

The 1997 Hendrix Tribute series was based on the '68 Strat.

Of all the Hendrix model runs Fender has done, the 1997 Tribute series is the coolest. Everything is reversed including the mirror image headstock decal. And although we can usually find them for sale out there, our featured one here is virtually NOS. The seller doesn't say "NOS", but he does claim it to be mint and unplayed with original strings.

As the photos show, it looks very clean with orig. stickers, hang tags and unopened case candy. A close look (click it) at the bottom photo shows what appears to be the protective film on the trem cover, if you check the top right corner where it's peeled back a bit. Included with the candy is the Hippie Strap and white curly cord. Also see the Hendrix neckplate. And that's NOS enough for me! 

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