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Vintage Fender 1961 Strat - Vibrolux Pair

Together Forever...

Obviously, I'm in a vintage mood this week. And this really completes the mood for sure!  

Kev's Guitarville of Seattle currently lists this lovely old couple who have been together from the very start. Yeah, you can tell Valentines Day is comin' up. Ain't this sweet?  Purchased together in 1961, the pair include OHSC, paperwork, manual and even the original cord. I wish the seller would give us more background story, but they are 100% feedback with 1500 score and lots of hi-end, vintage gear listings.

Probably one of those only played in church scenarios. Whatever the case, serious collectors will wanna check into this one!

Oh yeah, so what's the deal with Seattle gear dealers and the name "Guitarville"? It's startin' to get like "Ray's Pizza" in NYC!

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