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A Tale of Three Tele's!

 3 Unique Custom Shop Telecasters

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FCS Texas Special

Feb. 18, 2012
Produced in May, 1991 according to the red Fender Custom Shop stamps in both neck pocket and butt, naming J. Madore and Gastelum. This Tele includes a B-Bender, case, and is tooled leather clad all around. The neck and frets have lots of wear. This guitar has been played, but the leather is in good shape. 

260958135675 is the eBay listing# by an Arkansas based seller with very little hisory. Phone is provided in listing with decent description and good photos, including disassembled pics. Due dilligence!

FCS La Riata by George Amicay
We've seen this model before. Exquisite carving by Amicay, built in 1997. This one is #8 of 16. The body is book matched, center seam swamp ash. Includes tweed case and COA signed by John Page. 

TrueTone Online based in Santa Monica, CA, is listing this Tele along with lots of hi-end, boutique gear. 100% positive.

FCS "Gretchacaster" by Paul Waller
This museum quality wonder is a beautiful hybrid of a Tele and a Gretch 6120. It was built in 2005 as a NAMM Special. The San Jose, CA based seller/orig. owner has quite an extensive & interesting story on this guitar along with good pics. CLICK HERE for complete story!  

130650539092 - current listing#

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