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New Van Halen Rocks Like 1984 in '79!

"When was the Last Time You Did Something for the First Time?"

If Robert Downey Jr. can come back strong, so can Van Halen with Diamond Dave!   

So Sammy Hagar can stand down anytime now. Van Halen's "A Different Kind of Truth" is serious business! Yes, the boys are back. Although I was skeptical with the initial pre-release videos featuring Dave's Tattoo dancin' business, along with a couple cheezy choruses here and there-- OVERALL, this album rocks hard and fast!

And you don't wanna re-hash any issues or swallow too many reviews, positive or negative, before YOU listen to the whole thing. Anyone who recalls how tired VH 3 with Gary Cherone was, need not worry here. The boys really rolled up their sleeves and worked hard not to embarrass Wolfie. The lad can be very proud of Papa, Unca Al and their crazy war buddy, Dave.

We won't review the tracks here so you can decide for yourself. Just listen to the album! Play it back to back with Chickenfoot and see which one pales.

Now all Van Halen needs to do is debut their own line of "Fair Warning Tequila"!  You saw that here first kids...

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