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The Most Interesting Guitarist In the World...

"I don't drink beer very often, but when I do I drink Dos Equis."

See, when you're this badass on guitar you gotta tell people there's other stuff you'd rather do. Of course our UK readers will understand some of this has to do with Big Al being from Yorkshire.

But hey, I can relate because as a child, I really wanted to take endless accordion lessons and eventually get that polka band gig playin' weddings somewhere like Western Pennsylvania. But instead, strict parents forced me to play guitar. I wasn't even allowed to take lessons, but had to stay locked in my room listening to Hendrix, Trower and Pink Floyd. Mom would slide marijuana laced food through a little slot in the door. And I was prevented from having perfect attendance at the public school I loved.

Nowadays, I'm writing this guitar blog as part of a government detainee mind control program. But someday I'll escape in my uncle's puke green Dodge "Dartchetta", and hit that polka circuit!

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