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Fender CS Clapton Lefty Strat - Custom Order Finish!

'57 NOS/EC, One Off Strat!

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Yep! You're lookin' at a metallic green, lefty Eric Clapton Strat from the Custom Shop. Let it soak in...

While you're soaking in it, Here's an excerpt from the private seller's listing: 

"...Fender does not offer this guitar in this color or lefty so I had the Custom Shop build it for me. It has been used only a handful of times, mint condition. Spent almost its entire life in its case in the closet with annual inspections / set ups by a Fender Authorized Service Center Luthier." 

Do you get the idea that this guy has quarterly prostate exams and colonoscopies? I dunno, just seems like that kinda guy. Custom ordered and never played. Probably needs the cash for a backup Segway in case one breaks down.

Anyway, this is actually a pretty cool & RARE find, and obviously in good shape "mint". Besides the Clapton pre-amp and TBX, we have a soft "V", 9.5" radius 22 fret neck on an alder body.  COA, candy and orig. tweed case are included.

If only Nordstrom were a Fender dealer... I'd get a green Strat just like this- lefty for good luck - just for a St. Paddy's gig, then take it right back to Nordys the very next day, just like a prom dress. Yes, I would

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