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ESP Navigator Seymour Duncan Professional S-Type

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DS-200 Professional Series

2 piece ash body

Ever seen one of these? Here's some background according to the ESP info page at : 

"ESP luthiers also made a lesser-known brand under the name of “Seymour Duncan," from the mid-1990s until 2004. You won’t find them in any ESP catalog or anywhere on-line, except maybe in Japanese guitar shops that specialize in used guitars. Seymour Duncan is written as the actual logo on the headstock of these guitars. There are two different series of Seymour Duncans; the "professional series," which sold between $2,000 - $3,000, and the "traditional series," which was marketed in the $900 - $1,500 price range. The traditional series featured SD SSL-1 pickups while the more expensive professional series came with SD Alnico II single coil pickups. If a guitar is from the traditional series, it will say so on the headstock. If it just says “Seymour Duncan,” then it is the more expensive model. ESP only made Fender replicas under the Seymour Duncan brand. The most common model numbers were DS-100, DS-180, DS-200 and DS-280 Pro for Stratocasters, DT-100, DT-200 and DT-280Pro for Telecasters." 

The Koiz Guitar - Japan based eBay Store (Ships to US) currently lists this guitar along with many other MIJ lines, i.e. Bacchus, Tokai, Edwards (ESP), etc. 

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