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1956 Gretch Electromatic Roundup Amp

Giddy Up Go!

Vintage '56 Gretch Electromatic Roundup Amp
Roy Roger's had his horse Trigger stuffed, but this little filly has been re-capped, checked out and is rarin' to go! Well sorta... They say she's not too loud, but sounds good cranked up. Also, the tremolo only works for a bit at first, then slowly fades into the sunset. Okay, so I reckon ya best mic it, and play yer bayou tunes first set. Gitter done there Cowboy!  

Chicago Music Exchange lists this along with a sizable herd of other vintage & boutique beef stock. They's a straight shootin' outfit too, with 100% ratin' and a big ol' trough of positive feedback! So they should oughta treat ya right, I reckon.

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