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Combat Guitars of Tokyo

All Rosewood Strat-type!

Chambered 2 piece rosewood body!

Combat-Guitars Tokyo is a hi-end, hand built boutique guitar/bass line. The all rosewood S-type pictured above is currently listed at the HISASHI JAPAN eBay Store who indicate a $110 shipping rate to USA for this guitar.

The 2 piece body of Indian rosewood is chambered. The neck is one piece, besides a maple stripe in back. Otherwise, the fretboard and primary neck are all the same chunk of rosewood. Pickups are Suhr V60's, and hdwr; tuners/bridge are Gotoh. "C" neck has 22 jumbo frets. Radius and weight are provided in metric terms-- you figure it out ok, I'm just a dumbass American about that stuff, ok. Oh, that anodized pickguard is Fender Custom Shop. 

Not sure the difference between a CS anodized pickguard and a regular Fender anodized pickguard. But you know how marketing is. Maybe the FCS ones have Mike E's thumbprints... or stickers bearing, "When You're Ready"  

Hisashi lists various top MIJ lines, i.e. Bacchus, Tokai, Schecter Japan, Combat & Taiko.

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