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Totenschlager & FUZZ! Newest T-Rex Tone Bug Pedals

Double Portion of Distortion!

The fine folks at T-Rex have been really cool in allowing us to try out their newest pedals. And we haven't been disappointed yet! Although I'm not into distortion as much these days, it's always wise to have a good one handy for those occasions when full saturation is called for. With so many choices, it's good to know that T-Rex offers 3 moderately priced distortion pedals in their bulletproof Tone Bug line. We played around the two latest releases-- the Totenschlager and FUZZ.

Nifty little stocking stuffers for this holiday season! Oh, and we were just told that T-Rex is marking down their FuelTank Chameleon power supplies approx $40. So watch for reductions out there on this product!

FuelTank Chameleon Power Supply

I mention these pedals run about $150, but some ToneBug models are $99 or less, depending on specials out there right now!


Musician's Friend - T-Rex ToneBug Pedals 

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