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Happy Holidays From Stratoblogster!!!

Get into the Spirit Already!

Wishing everyone lots of joy this holiday season! May Santa, or whoever you worship, bring you all the new gear you asked for! Maybe even a new Strat! Especially if you were good boys and girls, and haven't murdered anyone this year, started any wars or directly contributed to global economic collapse. Remember that it's the little things that really matter most.

I won't be posting much during the next week or so. Not just because of the holidays, but also since we're moving. That's right, moving on Christmas week. Probably when moving sucks even more than usual! It's all about good planning and stability folks.

Anyway, enjoy the Christmas tunes! I believe that "Santa Claus Wants Some Lovin" by Albert King is probably the greatest, most epic holiday music selection in the history of mankind! No disrespect to Bing Crosby, Gary Hoey, Mannheim Steamroller or Burl Ives.


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