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Friday Strat #240 - Burnt Tangerine Nitro

Interesting Twists Here...

Ever put away yer tools?


From the cluttered bench of Anaheim based dh designs comes this interesting configuration. Though I'm not crazy about the Floyd, I dig the vibes of the overall look here! The tortoise guard, including tortoise pickup covers & back plate, go well with the burnt tangerine finish. Add gold top hat knobs and padauk neck (probably a MusiKraft) to this for a sweet earthy quality. This neck is also a 52 "V" cut, hence the Tele head. A high relief heel design, Straploks and Floyd take things into sports mode.

Definitely a nichey player's unit here, but ya gotta gimme some credit for finding a twist today! Maybe they're next door to a weed dispensary...

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