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Fender Masterbuilt Chartreuse Sparkle Strat

One-Off Art Esparza Strat

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Fender Custom Shop Esparza Chartreuse

Yeah, I know it looks like a gold sparkle, but it's actually a "chartreuse" sparkle. All pics look very gold to me though. Isn't chartreuse more like Mountain Dew, really cheap margarita mix or antifreeze?? 

This guitar is a Custom Shop Masterbuilt one of a kind according to the seller who has all the verification. Currently listed by Chicago based Distinctive Guitar, who include plenty of good photos but not much specs info-- so contact them with questions. Masterbuilt stamp on headstock has builder's signature, as well as neck pocket and butt. Comes with COA and tweed OHSC.

Nice birdseye in the neck, and the painted headstock face is always a premium feature-- especially if you dig that. No lack of sparkleocity here folks! Sparkle on Wayne! Sparkle on Garth!

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