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Custom Tele-type Guitar Giveaway!!!

$10/ticket Raffle!

My local luthier, Chuck- who works on my guitars, is raffling off his latest project for the holidays, and you should buy at least one ticket! I've played this guitar, and it's very nice. The body is actually 2 piece mahogany but somehow it feels lighter than my ash Thinline-- dunno how that could be. I think it's a bit thinner but not much, so I'm still mystified. The neck and fretboard are made from scratch (Chuck doesn't buy necks). It's a big neck, similar to what you'll find on a G&L ASAT Classic these days. Frets are medium jumbo, 6105 or comparable Stew-Mac and six saddle bridge. The finish is just a natural rub. Very comfy custom craft vibe.

Next mystery: All positions sound great, so of course, the first thing I ask is, "What kind of pickups are these??" The geek luthier reply was, "From the pile." So only God knows the pickups. And he ain't talkin'.

Anyway, it's a great guitar! Enter to win at the link below, they take PayPal:


CHW Guitars is located in McMinnville, Oregon. They're shipping to lower 48 USA only. However-- If you have friends in the USA that this could ship to (that you trust), you should still enter the raffle! Think about it!

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