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T-Rex Gull Wah Demo-Review

Several Wah Pedals in One!

I really like this Gull Wah pedal by T-Rex! It has lots of parameters that are easy to see, access and control. It's built like a tank, and doesn't look like other pedals. Instead of a tone pot, they use some kind of electro-magnetic thing-a-ma-jiggy that's never supposed to wear out or get noisy! 

The Gull is surprisingly straightforward and uncomplicated for all its potential, thanks to its good ol' analog layout! You just need to spend time with it to tailor your ultimate wah settings, which are all in the the Gull for you to discover.

The T-Rex Gull Wah web page  also features a bunch of settings suggestions to check out. 

(Musician's Friend)

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