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Suhr Classic Chambered Trans-Burgundy

Pau Ferro Neck and Fretboard

Suhr Pau Ferro Neck Fretboard
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A 2010 build, on consignment from a collector, this Suhr Classic sports a strikingly beautimous pau ferro neck on a one piece chambered swamp ash body with quilt maple top, definitely custom ordered. Pickups are the Classic Fletcher-Landau's, and all the top components you expect in a Suhr.

That neck is a big "V" too. And they've really marked this one down! Comes with all paperwork and a G&G tweed case. I'm lovin' the look of this. Maybe a tortoise pickguard would work better than this black satin one though.

Seller: Elite Music Sales - based in Montgomery, Alabama. Very cool, hi-end inventory!

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