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StyleSonic S-type Guitar by Red Rocket Guitars

USA Hand Built One at a Time!

StyleSonic Guitar by Red Rocket
StyleSonic with checkered purfling cocobolo binding

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Matt Nowicki of North Carolina based Red Rocket Guitars is the one man show behind his line of  "Atomic Retro Customs", and a featured luthier at Destroy All Guitars. You've gotta visit both sites see links below and check out the very cool guitars Matt builds. He goes waaay beyond the typical F-type bolt-ons of so many small shops these days as you'll discover. Fans of retro Sci-fi art are also in for a treat!

The StyleSonic is Matt's latest creation. Beyond the familiar platform, the body is 2 piece black limba (Korina) with aged Robin's egg blue finish and cocobola binding and knobs. The checkered purfling style binding is a Red Rocket Guitars trademark reflecting an intense attention to detail. The 10' radius, soft "V" neck comes with 22 medium jumbo stainless steel frets in an ebony fretboard. The hand-rubbed oil finish neck is also attached with threaded inserts. Pickups are Fralin Blues Specials with a steel base bridge pu.

You may also notice the lack of string trees, and a tilted headstock. Matt says this is optional, but also wants you to know his tilt headstock scarf joints won't snap off. And speaking of Gibby's, if you lean that way, Red Rocket has some models that'll make ya drool! Be sure to check out the "Afterburner" and new "Commander" models!

It's great to see a USA handbuilt line at this level, as Euro builders are kickin' our ass at the high end. 

Click Here for a video demo of Red Rocket's Commander and StyleSonic models by Lance Keltner. 

redrocketguitars.com - StyleSonic page with lots of photos and specs! 

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