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Pickups, Pedal, Poster and Picks Giveaway!

Texas Hot Minute Guitar Licks Contest!

Like the video says, the hottest Texas licks squeezed into a 60 second Youtube video wins a set of Duncan Antiquity Texas Hot Strat pickups. 2nd place wins a T-Rex Tonebug effects pedal. 3rd place gets a very special guitar poster and a dozen picks compliments of GearPipe.com. Shredders welcome-- just bring soul, and be thinkin' Texas!

Your video must be a Youtube video-- 60 seconds or less in total length. You must post it no later than Dec. 3, 2011 on the wall at: 

Winners will be announced Dec. 5, 2011.

All entries will be judged by a secret group of superheroes. Public voting will not be used in order to avoid spam voting issues. That's how we gotta roll, but public response will be a factor. Trolls will be ignored. The 3 winners will receive their prizes in time for the holiday season. Yippee!

Poster & picks by GearPipe.com
actual dimensions: 8.5" x 39" -- click image

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