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Kurt Cobain Telecaster Neck for Sale - AS IS!

If You Missed Out on John Lennon's Tooth...

Click pics for close-ups!

RECORD MECCA in Venice, CA is listing this along with full story, letters of authenticity, etc. The Tele was destroyed along with a Strat in a Jan. 1993 gig in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Nirvana shared the bill with the Chili Peppers. Kurt was having a good night. Everyone loves those crowds in Brazil! Ya just can't bring 'em down-- try as you will. 

Click Here for a video clip from that very show. Cobain jams his blue Tele into a speaker cab just after the 01:34 minute mark. At some point the neck is broken inside the cab. It's history folks! It's not a Hendrix item, and it's not John Lennon's holey molar but somebody's gonna buy this neck, and be very proud. 

Could make for a nifty stocking stuffer this holiday season! Making yuletide bright!

Ed note: I wrote a post a couple years ago about what if Fender came out with a Cobain Artist Series model that's smashed to bits in the case.

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