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Hendrix - Isle of Wight, Machine Gun

Veteran's Day

Although most may prefer the magical Fillmore East performance of Machine Gun, this one has its own moments as well as some amazing close-ups. UK's August 1970, Isle of Wight festival was held on a farm like Woodstock of the previous year, and attended by even more people than Woodstock. One of the final few performances by Hendrix who would be gone from us in less than a month. 

On Youtube, both Machine Gun and Dire Straits' "Brothers in Arms" are very popular tunes for war related videos. Many vets have uploaded footage and slide shows of sights never shown before through normal news channels. Some of it is pretty grim. 

One day per year, veterans are recognized and honored with parades, marching bands and so forth. But it's not enough. "Enough" doesn't exist. Regardless of anyone's politics or beliefs about the right ways to handle world affairs, it's about young people sent out to experience extreme horror and loss when the older, wiser "leaders" of the world cannot agree. It's a sacrifice people agree to, even when it makes no sense.

So respect the war veterans with peace and sanity always. They've witnessed and been through a great deal.

www.operationhappynote.com - Music gear for soldiers

soldiersangels.org - Directory of support organizations for soldiers, veterans and military families.

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