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Eilidh McKellar - Scottish Strat-o-Sister

Guitar Girl Covers Robben Ford Tune!

Yeah, she's not playin' a Strat-- so what! It's my blog, so I can call her Strat-o-Sister if I want.

Nice cover of Robben Ford's "Indianola"! Eilidh McKellar is from Edinburgh, Scotland and studies at Leeds College of Music. A little web surfing reveals that she was accepted at Berklee, but unable to scrape up the necessary funds to attend. We hope she persists continuing to learn and gig as best she can, because the girl is definitely a groovy player with lots of soul!

Eilidh is into Robin Ford, Joe Bonamassa, John Mayer, The Stones, Jimi, SRV, etc. It's all good-- the folks have raised her right!

Cool stuff at her Youtube Channel too: www.youtube.com/user/eilidhmckellar


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