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Aged Finish Guitar Kits by MJT

Relic Ready Fender-types You Assemble!

 Eddie Vegas's Deck? NOPE!

Nash or Rittenhouse? NOPE!

MJT Aged Body, Neck and Hardware Kits!

(All USA content folks. Don't confuse MJT with MIJ!)

Mark Jenny in Carthage, Missouri -- the "Show Me State", creates relic-style bodies, necks and hardware in kits. You provide pickups, pots and switch. That's right, kits come with fretted necks, bodies, bridges, trems, springs, claws, knobs, plates, jacks, sockets, knobs, switch tips, string trees, neck plates, pre-cut BONE nuts and even pickguards. And ya get some choices within that stuff!

You just have to load the pickguard with your favorite pickups and electronics. Headstock faces are BLANK. Go talk to Vinnie behind the barber shop.

Bodies are made by Wildwood Manufacturing in N. California. Necks are from MusiKraft and Allparts. Hardware is from Stew-Mac and Allparts. Mark does all the finish and hardware aging. He uses ReRanch finishes for standard classic colors.

Everything at MJT-Aged-Guitar-Finishes eBay Store is available to ship NOW. Otherwise, you can custom order by contacting Mark thru his website: mjtagedfinishes.com. Their eBay Store is Top Rated, 100% with 2700 Feedback. 

It don't get much better than that!

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