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SRV Guitar Collection Auction - Friday Strat #235

4 Strats by Stevie Ray Vaughan Biographer!

Listing Item# 200667478486

Dallas, TX based eBay user claiming to be the author of SRV bio is auctioning a set of 4 SRV guitars. The seller should be Craig Hopkins. I'm waiting on verification from Craig who runs fan site: http://www.stevieray.com. 10/29- Craig responded and confirmed the auction is legit from the email contact address at the site.

Per the listing description:

"The ULTIMATE SRV Guitar Collection - I am the author of the biography Stevie Ray Vaughan: Day by Day, Night After Night (Craig Hopkins Confirmed) and have operated the SRV Fan Club since 1993. This is my personal collection of recreations of Stevie's most famous guitars. These will be sold ONLY as a set of four guitars. I will not respond to any requests to sell individual guitars.

1. The Fender Custom Shop "Number One." Luthier John Cruz confirmed for me that this is #12 of only 100 Custom Shop guitars. The current value of these is now $50,000-55,000 if you can find one. Custom Shop guitars like this are investment grade. Flight case, case candy and original shipping box.

2. The Fender Custom Shop "Lenny." Only 185 of these guitars were released for the U.S. market in 2007 by the famous Custom Shop. Stevie's "Lenny" sold for $623,000. Flight case, case candy and original shipping box. These Custom Shop guitars originally sold for $17,000.

3. Charley's Guitar Shop "Lipstick Special." Number 1 of only 23 made by Charley's Guitar Shop and Rene Martinez in January 2003. That's right - this is #1, the very first one. Other owners include Carlos Santana, John Mayer and other celebrities. Irridescent blue/white "flip-flop" paint, Charley's logo, hula girl on back, immitation snakeskin case. Certificate signed by Rene Martinez, Stevie's guitar tech. Best tone of any guitar I own.

4. Jim Hamilton "Hamiltone" a.ka. "Main." The most beautiful guitar I have ever owned. Sweet tone. This is number 01, made in 2004 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Stevie receiving his from Jim Hamilton in April 1984. I have photos of this guitar being made in Jim's studio - a very interesting photographic record of how these guitars were made. Signed on the back of the headstock by Jim Hamilton. This is NOT one of the asian knockoffs being sold by someone other than Jim Hamilton under the Hamiltone name. This is the real deal made by the same man who made Stevie's guitar..."

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