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Eric Johnson's Unedited 1982 GP Interview

Jas Obrecht Music Archive Release!

"Will you hear a sound in your imagination and then try to find the equipment for it, or does the equipment suggest sounds to you?" Jas Obrecht to Eric Johnson 9/27/82

photo: Niles J. Fuller

Four years prior to release of the "Tones" album, Guitar Player Magazine's Jas Obrecht was snooping outside the radar for a killer undiscovered guitarist. Word from the likes of Steve Morse, Jeff Baxter and Billy Gibbons was "ERIC JOHNSON!"

GP's December '82 issue featured a small interview, but it wasn't until '86 that Eric would grace the cover in a major artist feature.

Nearly 30 years later, Jas Obrecht has published the complete, unedited 1982 interview transcript!

Those who have followed EJ's music and career closely will find this conversation especially profound. CLICK HERE!

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