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T-Rex Tap Tone Delay and Yellow Drive Overdrive

T-Rex Exclusive Pedals for Guitar Center

The Yellow Drive dual stage overdrive and Tap Tone Delay are part of a new T-Rex series available only at Guitar Center. (Tap Tone coming very soon!) 

Both pedals are budget priced nicely in the $150 range, with good features and capacity for the money, along with the same quality, construction and tones you get with more expensive T-Rex pedals. The Tap Tone is smooth with tons of  delay capacity; sounding a lot like its bigger siblings, the Reptile and Replica delays, just without the modulation and line level controls.

Yellow Drive is really impressive with its dual stage vintage overdrive tones that aren't fuzzy or muddy at all. I was able to get plenty of chord definition in Gain A with good edge and sustain. Gain B is fat and creamy with big Texas ZZ and EJ saturation. With either a Strat or a Humbucker config like the KOZM Guitars BB-3 in the video; a chambered body and DiMarzio DP-190/191 Air Classic pickups, the Yellow Drive provides wide tonal range, articulation and more than enough sweet nasty power.

Dunno how the name "Yellow" Drive came about, but it's the sweet hot mustard your sausage deserves!

Note: Anyone attending the AMP SHOW in LA, Oct 1 & 2, 2011 can check out the full line of KOZM Guitars, including the exact guitar featured in demo video above.

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