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Shocking New Guitar Set-up Guide!

How-to maintain your guitar like a pro

Yeah, there's already plenty of guitar guides out there-- and what could be so shocking about another one any-friggin'-way?

Billy Penn of 300guitars.com guitar blog has been sharing really good tech advice and gear reviews online for a few years. Anyone already familiar with Billy's site and his videos knows he has a strong passion about his work and helping the guitar geek community at large. Penn has been fixing and restoring guitars and amps for over 20 years. He's also a great guitar player, which is a valuable perspective not every guitar tech operates with! Ok, most of them noodle a bit, but Billy plays really well and gigs with his band regularly. He has also interviewed and shaken hands with Juha Roukangas, which means Billy now has The Force.

So finally he decides to put together this set-up and maintenance book that I've been privileged to review. And what I really want you to know is that Billy obviously put a lot of care and attention into it. It's clear and easy to understand, with good photos, supplementary video links and even a glossary of terms! Also, this is a download, eBook PDF, and Billy plans to email us revisions and updated versions in the future. So it's kind of a lifetime subscription thing.

Before the book was released, Billy asked other techs and players to review it and offer feedback for improving the content. I was even able to point out a misplaced comma which he promptly took care of.
What's SHOCKING to me is that he's almost giving this book away! For less than the cost of a 6 pack of beer or a pack of ciggys! A cheap bottle of wine. A fast food drive-thru. A Venti Latte' at Starbucks. Any of these things will cost more than Billy Penn's Guitar Set Up Guide! But Billy gets even more silly by offering a FREE preview download if you're still not sure the book is any good-- WTF!

I think he should have his head examined! So CLICK HERE for details, and just get that damn book! Skip the Double Whopper Combo today and do yourself a favor! Don't be a cheap, fat bastard!

I'm actually annoyed this cool book is so cheap-- Billy needs to work on his self esteem! Hopefully lots of you will buy this book, and help him feel better about himself. And if he's smart, he'll raise the price! 

Buy it!

That's all I have to say.

Meet Billy Penn:

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