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Josh Gooch - Young Guitar Rocker

Skateboard to Guitar

20 year old Josh Gooch has been rockin' for awhile, but somehow managed to stay out of my radar. Maybe I'm slackin' too. Anyway, I discovered him in a video just posted by our Strat-o-Sister Hayley McLean from the Fender Showroom Grand Opening jam last weekend. 

Josh mentions picking up the guitar when his skate board was stolen. Sounds like things have worked out ok. Probably values his appendages more these days too. Gooch was born in Seattle, and moved to San Diego when he was 7. He was a finalist in the '09 Guitar Center King of the Blues competition, and has already toured around Japan, and done some recording.

The above clip is a demo for the folks at Rivera Amps. Doesn't seem to be a Strat guy, but I'm lettin' him slide for now based on the licks at 04:24. It's also noteworthy when a kid nowadays has a Humble Pie - Smokin' t-shirt!

Discover more Josh Gooch at: www.joshgooch.com 


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