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Joe Bonamassa & Beth Hart -- Look Out!!!

Little Joe has Grown Up!

Get Back Loretta! 

As good a Joe Bonamassa is, I've still had trouble getting past his pudgy kid, guitar virtuouso, nerd thing. Even with Black Country Communion. We know that little Joe grew up, and is a lexicon of classic rock and blues licks-- and a phenom. He's also a Strat defector-- and as such shouldn't be welcome here.  

But damn! 

This thing with Beth Hart is a brilliant move because even for me, it's like Joe has finally lost his virginity. It's awesome to riff with a scorchin' hot singer. Jeff Beck has been workin' with some crazy chick singers too. Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi sound great together as well. Oh yeah, Daniel Lanois with Trixie Whitley... Grace Potter... I'm tellin' ya these white girls are doing their homework alright! And Beth Hart is gonna be dangerous to some of Bonamassa's uncle boomer fans out there who'd better bring the blood pressure meds to these shows-- and leave wifey home.

Did ya ever think Steve Marriott and Joe Cocker could look like this? Listen.

Now all Joe needs is a gold sparkle Strat!



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