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Jeff's Tricky Film Years

Jeff Beck Group - "Definitely Maybe"

I keep watching that blue screen for the 5 day forecast. Definitely Maybe Rain...

Here we join our hero sometime around 1972, as he wields a magical chocolate Strat, duplicating himself oompa loompa style for those double lead parts. Actually it could be an unused scene from the original Willy Wonka movie. Yeah, Gene Wilder had a hissy fit that Jeff was stealing his thunder, so it didn't make the final cut.


We're watching a lost Bewitched episode, where Jeff and his kooky lookalike warlock cousin Jack, join Samantha, Sabrina and the gang for some mischievous pranks and fun, popping in and out of here and there-- over, under, sideways, down, etc. Hilarity ensues as they drive Samantha's hubby Darren crazy as usual-- causing Darren's boss Larry Tate puzzlement and ever growing concern!

But that ain't the truth either. The truth is...

We are the weak. And Jeff is the tyranny of evil guitarists. But he's tryin', he's tryin' real hard to be the shepherd.

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