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Unique Fretboard Accents

Space Invaders and a turquoise EKG? Hell yeah!


At first glance I thought the idea of faux inlay was pretty cheezy. But these guys have a crazy variety of hi-def fretboard decor as well as other types of accents for headstocks, body art, soundhole rosettes, etc. They have turquoise and mother of pearl-like material, SRV Lenny ornamentation, JEM pyramids, Jason Becker colored numerals, barbed wire, planets, Kokopelli and other indigenous/artsy stickers.

The material is made out of PET; a thermoplastic polymer resin which isn't at least supposed to look too cheezy. Just out of principal though, you should avoid doing a serious mother of pearl McNaught style tree of life type inlay job-- especially on a Fender Squier or something. This just invites the cheeze police to raid your home unannounced and take your stickers, your X-BOX, Sketchers shoes, Sunny Delight and salvia stash with no formal charges or day in court. And you'd deserve it too! Best to stick with kooky, contempo, hipster themes with subtle mystical hints. Just keep it stoopid if you get carried away as if you meant stoopid-- otherwise it could be cheeze po po at the door in full SWAT attire... 

Jockomo Inlay Stickers - eBay Store, Osaka Japan- shipping worldwide. 99.9% postive/10K feedback. This stuff is light, ok!

Creative Cuts - Based in Burbank, CA - Mainly fretboard stuff, but lots of it!

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How can you not like a turquoise EKG?

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