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Fernandes LE-2 MIJ Era Strat - Workin' Man's Special!

ACME & Van Zandt Upgrades

Labor Day Feature!

80's and early 90's Fernandes MIJ Strat types are a great value, and this one lives in the USA! The seller doesn't indicate LE-2 or LE-1, but I think it's an LE-2. Plus, it has cool upgrades from Acme Guitar Works and Van Zandt pickups. And it just don't make no sense why this guitar ain't been scooped up by now! The seller's just gonna part it out in a couple days.

Iowa based eBay seller crooningbob has this to say, just so you have it from the horse's mouth: 

"This is an early 90's made in Japan Fernandes Strat copy with a nice C shaped neck with good frets. The original electronics have been replaced with an Acme guitar works wiring harness with CTS pots and Van Zandt true vintage pickups. This guitar is in very good condition throughout with some scratches and dings normal for a guitar this age. This is a very good vintage sounding strat. You will not be disappointed with this one. The guitar has no case but will be carefully shipped in an older gig bag. If it doesn't sell this time you will see the individual parts for sale. The economy must be even worse than I thought for this not to sell considering this is every bit as good as a japanese made Fender for two-thirds the price with improved pickups." 


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