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Fender Tweed Briefcase?

Classic Fender Case... Short Scale
vintage tweed guitar style briefcase
tweed briefcase

A Fender Tweed Briefcase might also be good for a guitar missing a neck. That is, if you don't have any briefs to put in it... or boxers either.  People will think you're a rock star, especially if you've stowed the guitar neck in your pants.

Or how 'bout filling the case with marbles and taking it through TSA just for fun-- "I'd rather not open it." Tell 'em they can keep the marbles. But pretend to be very sad about losing your marbles until they pass you through. Then laugh your ass off when you're out of their sight. They're seldom amused-- that's what TSA stands for y'know.

Not recommended for transporting Jello or items from Panda Express, unless you first Scotchgard very very heavily! Like maybe 3 cans.

Got all that?

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