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ESP Vintage Plus Rosewood Oly - Friday Strat #228

MIJ Relic Style Strat-type

Tapered slope neck heel

I'm diggin' the vibe of ESP's Vintage Plus series! Paul Pesco uses a couple of these models on Live From Daryl's House. They seem to have a medium amount of relic wear on the body edges.

A nice player's guitar with good ingredients, the Vintage Plus features Alder body, U neck, 22 XJ frets (extra jumbo?), Gotoh Magnum Lock tuners, Wilkinson Vintage bridge and Duncan SSL-1 pickups. The 12th fret "ESP" rectangle inlay is on all models in the V-Plus series.

Rosewood models are currently available in Burst or Oly White. Maple FB models come in Black or Candy Apple Red. The model above is a pre-owned listed by Bizarre Guitar of Reno.

Also, Guitar Center online currently lists pre-owned models. Just enter ESP Vintage Plus into search below.

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