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Eric Johnson's Strats on Up Close Tour Summer 2011

PG's Rig Rundown Video Analysis

Kudos to Premier Guitar for snaggin' this cool inteview!

We've seen a number of EJ gear related interview clips over the past couple years. But there's always more stuff to discover!

First of all, notice that the 3 mentioned Strats are all configured differently pickups-wise. The DiMarzio HS-2 bridge pickup in the Artist Strat is a stacked humbucker. And one of the vintage 57's has a couple Duncan Antiquities. And note when EJ says usually the guitar he pulls is the one he plays the whole evening on, and he doesn't really switch too much. Interesting because this means any one of those Strats is suitable for the entire set list. 

Remember SRV would use different Strats for certain tunes. So, the best Strat players can vary greatly from each other in terms of how they hear the instrument. And while it may be a Swiss Army guitar for some. Others may focus on a few Strats, with each configured for specific zones.

We learn from the pedal set-up that jamming everything neatly together in a pedal board can allow pedals in close proximity to interfere with each other. This helps to better explain EJ's spread out floor array approach.

But back to the Strats. It's important to get that at least for Eric, there is no single, ultimate pickup config for all Strats. In fact, those who follow EJ more closely will know that ANY individual Strat can be reconfigured at any time; vintage or new. So, the quest for tone is more about the journey and the process than about a destination or some ultimate instrument set-up. Keep this in mind when Eric seems enigmatic.

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