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Eric Johnson's "Chuck Norris" Thread at TGP

Why Yes, EJ is the Chuck Norris of Guitarists!

Nope! This was actually done with a '57 Strat.

Hey, there's a new TGP comment thread of Chuck Norris/Most Interesting Man in the World style jokes about Eric Johnson. This undoubtedly stems from the tonemeister's 20 year old comment about being able to hear the differences between Duracell and Energizer batteries in his pedals.

"He can tell the type and grade of coal being burned at the power plant with his amp on standby!!!"

Some of the jokes are pretty dumb, but it's a start. So get over there and help out! EJ deserves only the best!

Here's another sample:

"He took one sniff of a 54 Strat, and declared it had been painted during the morning shift, approximately just before tea break, and the painter knocked off a minute early to visit the men's room."

Ya gotta give 'em credit for making up fresh guitar themed jokes instead of simply replacing existing Norris jokes with EJ.

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